DomoKun (Jeff's Character)


Can switch roles depending on loadout. Only has the option to switch to a role after consuming or convincing a demon to share their DNA profile with him. Most abilities are gained by the same way, even if a tank role demon is consumed, abilities are limited until more demon essences are absorbed (levels). Basically like Khimari from FFX.

For example has spells slots but 2/3rds spells must be in defined role.

Biology and ecology student. Like to spend time observing and discovering how animals work. Hates math but knows they need to use it in sciences for precise work on animals.
Quick and nimble with highly skilled hands for crafting or dissection. Fearless to a fault, doesn’t see why everybody panics so much. Socially inept, but not abrasive. Seems to get a long well with others but doesn’t seem to want to have much to do with them, sort of alienating others with what some might consider to be a cold shoulder. Spends most of their free time making gundam models. Wears stuff to make them look like they came from the future, armor padding and nerdy visors most people would think was funny. But obviously in school always dressed in uniform. Average height and build, doesn’t draw much attention at school. Best friends are tools to catch critters with.

Demon form is a large reptilian/dinosaur/dragon shape. Large mouth full of sharp teeth and long sharp fore claws for grabbing and gobbling. Long barbed tail with a scythe at the end. Form suggests speed and maneuverability. Hungers to add and improve itself and evolve with each victim. Form varies depending on load out. If going tank scales become hard and thick, weighs the form down while adding protection, example minus to dex while plus to constitution and AC. DPS changes depending on essences used, mostly similar but my changed to shooting ranged spines, or using spells by shooting out of mouth, etc.
Support may change by adding auras that buff nearby allies, adding armor wings to add resistances or block/reduce damage effects etc. Or shooting little minion lizards babies that attach to team members and enemies and buff/debuff them If changed to heals vomits HP onto others in the form of gooey health balls that heal over time. Becomes fluffy and softer with big round eyes. Initially black and red, but changes color depending on loadout. After transforming, they are very, very, very hungry. Basically fixated on consuming or adding powers to itself.


DomoKun (Jeff's Character)

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