Fuji Okibo (Wade's Character)



One of the jocks. The fat friendly funny guy. Wants everyone to have fun and get along.
He is huge for a high school kid. 6’’2" tall and 340 lbs.
Always in shorts and sandals even when its cold out.
Part fierce competitor, part gentle giant.
Captain of the school sumo wrestling team.
Not very smart. The only class he excels at is Home Economics.
Other than that he enjoys origami, Shogi, and constantly cooking/eating.

For “Demon Self” he is even bigger.
Standing nearly 8 feet tall and closer to 600 lbs, he is a hulking blob.
The first thing to notice would be the giant mouth across his enormous gut.
The mouth is filled with teeth and a giant tongue.
It constantly makes bubbling and gurgling noises, and drools.
He fights by charging, slapping, and throwing opponents or holding and choking them.
Of course he also bites, chews, spits, vomits, and tongue slaps with the giant mouth.
He will even swallow, hold, and suffocate an opponent.
Or swallow a friend to shield them.
He can also swallow a friend/foe and spit them out at high velocity.


Fuji Okibo (Wade's Character)

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