1.) What will combat be like in this campaign?
Battles will be an odd fusion of the gameplay systems present in D&D AND the source material, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Since we’re already familiar with the concept of battles from Jeff’s campaign, I will just explain the Press Turn System.

2.) What is the Press Turn system?
The Press Turn System is the combat system used in several Shin Megami Tensei games. It allows players and enemies alike to take advantage of opponents weaknesses and provides a unique and challenging take on the turn based battle. As is hinted at in the name, the Press Turn System is a turn based one, meaning that the player controlled team takes turns attacking and then the enemy gets their chance. One attack is allotted per human character deployed in battle. How you use these opportunities is crucial to your chance at winning the fight. By executing an attack (physical, magical, or using an item) one press turn will be used up. If you decide to pass a character’s turn then only a half of one press turn is used. As long as there is a half of a turn left, it can be used like a full turn. Thus you can pass the first characters action and still be left with the same number of attack opportunities, a crucial tactic to get skills used in the right order.

3.) Will we still roll dice?
Of course. Dice rolls are the bread and butter of all RPG combat systems. That part hasn’t changed.

4.) How will I be able to customize my character?
Everyone starts out the same, except for their stat differences and an exclusive character passive ability based on their chosen battle role. New passives will be learned as the game goes on. Leveling up your Magatama via combat and negotiation is how you will gain new skills. Each character will be able to hold a MAX of 8 skills so when a 9th is learned, they will have to “forget” one of their previous abilities. There will be a multitude of skills to choose from as the game goes on so what you choose to take will depend entirely on you.

5.) How do I level up my Magatama?
Simple. Beat the shit out of your enemies. Every successful battle will have your equipped Magatama teach you one more skill. HOWEVER, if you stay true to the Shin Megami Tensei source material and successfully negotiate with the last standing demon in battle then THAT character’s Magatama will teach TWO new skills instead of one.

6.) How do I negotiate with a demon?
Only the last surviving demon in battle can be negotiated with (all others will interrupt you since…y’know….they’re trying to murder you.) Some demons will ask you questions….some will ask for items and money while others will simply join you if a certain stat is high enough. Take note, however, that some demons might not be able to be conversed with at all.

7.) How many demons can we have on our team?
The players can have no more than 8 assigned to the team to start with. This will be referred to as your Demon Stock. This number will increase as the game goes on.

8.) What are my options in combat?
Before combat begins, each player will assign themselves a demon from the Stock (can only choose from demons that are alive). They will also select a combat leader amongst the player characters. Each player will have ONE action per turn. On that player’s turn they may either:

A.) Attack – Use one of their character’s selected skills OR one of their assigned demon’s skills.
B.) Pass – Sacrifice their turn to have the next player in the turn order go.
C.) *Summon – Select a demon from the stock to become somebody’s new assigned demon. The old one goes back to the stock if it is still alive. NOTE: Only the combat leader may summon.
D.) *Use an Item – Self explanatory. NOTE: Only the combat leader may use items.

9.) What happens if my assigned demon dies?
Summoning a demon binds it to a player via contract. Their bond is shared by their life force. Therefore, if your assigned demon dies, then your character also dies and vice versa. Less characters alive means less turns for the team to take out the enemy. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your team leader alive in order to keep summoning and making new contracts to keep the party alive.



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